Clash of Clans Info

BIRDSofTHUNDER #G2GCURUY  warring clan  LVL 10

BIRDSofTHUNDER2  #29Y2GVUG2  farming clan  LVL 1

Here is some info that will help you understand the clans.

     First Eagle and myself (Baldeagle) are not the same person.  If you watch the attacking you can see we do things differently.  My 2nd account is Lv6eagle.
      BlackHawk and Eagle started this clan, then I joined.  Cardinal was created to help the TH8 and above in wars (back in 2017), it is mostly just a donating member (so everything else here doesn’t apply to that account).

Warring Clan –  BIRDSofTHUNDER
     The leaders state that they want you to max out each level before going up.  I think the reason for this is that we need to be able to keep the enemy from getting three stars on your base. Just because you go up to the next town hall level doesn’t mean that you’ve protected your base from being attacked from a lower level. Example. You’re at a level 6 Townhall and you’re still using level 3 or 4 walls and you upgrade to Townhall 7, TownHall 6 fully upgraded troops will be able to attack your base and get 3 stars a lot easier, how easy will TownHall 7 troops. The levels of the walls (and weapons) match the abilities of the troops.  It is not only important that you are able to three-star the same number as you are during the wars but you also need to try and keep them from 3 starring your base.  Hurrying up and getting a higher Townhall may look neat and the troops getting better is great, but if you’re not defending during the wars you’re not helping the clan as much as you could.

     During the course of wars that I have participated in, we have won the wars more often than not when the other team upgrade their townhalls without updating everything else.  We can easily 3 star the bases, but since ours are upgraded, they may not be able to 3 star all of them, especially the higher bases.  Coming to the clan not being like this is okay, but once here you need to upgrade upgrade upgrade!!  Don’t go to the next TH level if you are not troop upgraded and defenses updated (at least 90% done, both).  You should be able to 3 star regularly the TH level you just left, or else you need more practice.  

**** The leaders are serious about updating your bases equally (defense / offense).  And about attacking during war.  This is not a farming only clan.   !!!!!!!



    Donations – Don’t get use to using CC troops while farming.  If you are use to using them all the time, when you have to take on a good CC defense group you will be at a disadvantage because you already use extra troops just to take out normal bases.  But you do need to know how to attack with them, so during wars and war practice farming, make sure you ask for troops.  Also when you think you need help, ask.  We can now do friendly attacks and some of the upper TH people will give advice.   The leaders have access to most of the TH levels to give you the ability to practice.   
    Generally lower level TH won’t donate much, but as you get higher you should be donating about as much as you are receiving (I think I saw once Blackhawk suggested a 2×1 ration for receive to donate for upper THs.   If you donate 30 but have received 300, that is like this clan is here just for you, and you will be kicked.  

    We do these.  I expect all TH6 and above to participate.  It takes 7 days for the games.   We are also notified days before in the events area that it is coming up.  Again everyone can benefit from the whole clans work.  It is pretty bad if you only do the bare minimum (50 or 100 points) to get all the rewards.  I don’t see any reason why most of the games you shouldn’t get at least, 2000 in warring clan, 1000 in farming clan, points.  If all TH6s and above did this, with those that do more, we could easily hit the max 50,000 every time in warring clan.  It only takes 25 to do that, and we always have a nice number doing the full 4000, so realistically we only need 20-22 being eligible for games.  If you only want to farm and nothing else, you don’t need to be in a clan, if your in a clan, then help the clan.

      The warring clan is serious about this, Blackhawk will send out info as needed.

      The farming clan will be in it when we have enough people just for fun.  You get different rewards if you participate and based on how well you do.  Even if you are in it you are not required to participate, we just need a minimum number to be in it.


For farming clan  BIRDSofTHUNDER2  (started summer 2019)

    For War – I plan on 1 war a week, sometime on Friday I will set it up so Saturday – Sunday is the attacking time.  Attacking is not required, we need certain # of participates to be able to war, you may be there for filler, attack if you want. #1 and 2 will fill up your defense clan castle troops during the prep stage. They have experimented with different combos, so you don’t need to worry about those, but definitely get your army attack clan castle troops when you are building your army.
     This strategy applies when we get enough to do 15×15 or more.   It seems that this would be a good way for you to look at what number you should attack. The number 1, 2 and 3 position will attack the enemy’s position one through 4. From here on the next 2 numbers should be able to take out the next 3 of the enemy’s positions. Number 4 +5 should attack number 5, 6, 7. This leaves an extra attack to fill in where needed. So numbers 6 and 7 should be able to take out the enemies 8, 9, and 10. Then our number 8 and 9 should be able to take out the enemies numbers 11, 12, and 13. Two people work together to take out three bases gives one extra attack. This is to protect for that fluke or just caught off guard attack or worse – lost connection right after the battle starts. This doesn’t mean that if we are playing 25 on 25 that the bottom 10 players don’t do anything. The bottom 10 players can attack whenever. This system gets you attacking a lower number than you and unless you are in the top 5, it will probably be even a lower number than the computer first suggests. This is my suggestion, not orders. Also I think if you are a TH7 you shouldn’t be attacking anything lower then a 6, and so on, unless the war dictates, meaning it is in the last 6 hours, then clean up where you know you can get 3 stars.
Just because an enemy base has been 3 starred does not mean you can’t attack it again. When our team has pretty much 3 starred all the bases especially bottom half you should if you have an extra attack, attack a lower base so that you can get the war loot. You just need to get at least one star to get the war loot. If it has already been 3 starred and you only get one star you do not hurt our war numbers. Also if somebody attacked and only got 1 or 2 stars, you attacking and getting all 3 stars will help our war effort.

Blackhawk is in charge of the warring clan.
Baldeagle is running the farming clan, but Blackhawk can visit via Lvl6eagle.
Cardinal as stated earlier was designed only for donations.  Blackhawk, since we reached TH11 (when that was highest) has been working on bringing it up current, but it took some time off when TH12 came out (and will again when TH13 comes out), because we again upgraded so we could donate max and have the new Siege machines.  He is now slowly working on bringing it up again (really he is just having fun playing with a TH12).

My personal view of the 2 clans structure.  Birds2 is where you learn how to play Clash.  You get your bases maxed out and up to TH8.  We will have had you in some wars, you would have participated in League Wars, etc.  Your attacking would be confirmed and your amount of participation in Clan.   You would then be taken to Birds warring and keep working and getting better there.  But this is not a final destination.  When you are maxed TH11 and get 11 out of 12 stars in wars then you would probably start getting invites to the upper clans, the really serious clans.  Blackhawk has already made some acquaintances in some upper clans.  Being a feeder clan for the top clans would be cool.

Tid Bits –
Gems – We have found that collecting gems every day or two is a waste of gems.  I highly recommend that you only collect gems on the builder base on 2 days of the week (I use monday and friday).  This is why, you are loosing a lot of partial gems.  Right now on one of my accounts I get 3.3 gems a day, which means if I collected every day I lose .3 gems or 2 gems a week.  If your collector had 5.9 gems when you clicked on it you lost .9 gems.
Collectors – If you want to get as much gold and elixar that you can automatically, I suggest collecting every morning and night, especially in builder base.  In your home base you loose more when it is sitting in the pumps or mines instead of storage and clan castle, when attacked.  Keep stuff in clan castle until used, and get it into the storage so when you are attacked they take less.

links to other posts for more info, these were done in 2017 + 18.
Dealing with Clan Castle Troops.   
Example of Attacks.

    There are some nice clash of clans channels to watch and get info for TH9 and above.  Just search Twitch or YouTube to find some.  I personally watch Clash with Cory on Youtube.

     As of summer 2019 Eagle is taking a break from CoC so we will miss him and his Bluejay account, he is very good 🙁

Good site to get some pointers  

Clash On!


last updated 07 2019