War Bases

The way you set up the war base versus regular farming base is different. That is why you make different ones, the tactics are different.  On a war base you want to protect your weapons. On a farming base you also need to protect your elixir collectors and your gold storage areas. For your war base you are not worried about how much elixir or gold they take, you are more worried about the number of stars they get on the base.

FYI – The big brown rocks around the edge of the grass you are still able to drop troops there to attack.

Examples of base layouts    –    EXAMPLES OF THE DIFFERENT BASES. taken from our players and from around the net.

Level 5 –

This is the items you have with a TownHall 5, just at the higher levels.  The walls should be all gold before moving up.    I like this base layout.

Anti 3 Star

Level 6 –

Level 7 –

These are just some ideas to get you started.  Watch the replays and watch others in the
clan to see what is working and not working.  Do not expect to stand up against a higher