Example of Attacks / Attack Techniques

Giants – archers – wizards  = same as the example for taking out clan troops.

Another example – 

Dragons and lighting spells –

Most of the time, just go with a few different forces.  Don’t have 1 of every type.  

TownHall 7 – Full dragon attack – use 3 lightning spells on one air defense (highest rated) which will take that one out.  If another one is right next to the wall on the outside, I like to use 4 hogs to take that one out.  That leaves the 3rd air defense.  Set up your dragons on the side that the last air defense is and try to get them to take it out first.  You should have 200 pop-cap here, 9 dragons with 4 hogs (or 10 dragons with 4 clan castle hogs).  Drop 5 dragons then once they start moving drop 2 more closest to the air defense, trying to get them to go towards it.  This leaves 2 more, wait (if you can) and drop them where needed.

Lay down all your troops.  Not all at once, but don’t end an attack with unused troops.  With 1 minute left, you should have everything out.

Some more attacks from past wars.

Eagle when he was TH6

TH7 vrs TH7

TH7 vrs TH7 farming by Baldeagle

TH8 vrs TH8

Note: since Blackhawk has his own site, I won’t put any of his replays here, you can see them on his page.