Dealing with Clan Castle troops

During war attacks you will have to deal with clan castle troops.  You NEED to take them out first.  



Example of how to take care of clan castle troops

Balloons –

Valkyrie –   one spin of a Valkyrie could take out 10+
arbarians bunched up.  Archers spread out, takes longer.  Valkyries
                  need to set themselves to attack.  Sometimes sending a giant as a
                  distraction and lining up archers could help.

Giants  –      

Archers + balloons – Example of taking care of Clan Castle troops    TownHall 5

   They draw them out with 1 archer, then another, till they are away from the base’s defenses.  Then they drop a bunch of archers to attack all at once.  Only thing I would suggest here is that you place the archers in an arc instead of all together.  Wizards and Balloons are splash attacks.  All of the archers could have been taken out with 1 balloon drop.  If they are lined up in an arch only a few at a time would die.

A TH6 vrs TH6 with a high level Valk.  Notice where the Wizards shoot.  They shoot where the Valk was, not where she was going.  Valks and Wizards stop before attacking, so they can’t hit a moving target easily.  With experience you’ll put the archers / wizards between the base and the Giant (or along side) they laid down.  Also, the Valk will go after what’s closest to it once it kills what it is after.  That is why it didn’t go after the giant the second time.  Good attack for only seeing Valks in CC a few times.  Can’t complain about 3 stars.